Sleep-To-Earn Scheme

With the launch of the app imminent, we are excited to reveal the DreamN Sleep to Earn rewards for using the App!

To begin earning, investors are required to purchase and hold a certain amount of DreamN tokens. Transferring tokens to your wallet rather than purchasing is not counted towards held tokens. DreamN tokens must be purchased from our PancakeSwap listing to qualify.

There are five tiers, each tier grants higher rewards. A minimum of 400 tokens are required to be eligible to begin earning.

Our earning scheme is designed to reward our holders. The longer you hold, the higher the rewards.

A few things to note:

  • Selling resets the β€˜Weeks Held’ back to 0, and a new tier is assigned. Weeks held will restart from the date of the last sell transaction.

  • Buying additional tokens DOES NOT reset the days held, the tier is then re-assigned.

  • Transfers in do not count towards tier re-assignment, only buying and selling transactions. Transfers out will be deducted from total tokens held.

In short, holders are rewarded for holding and buying, sellers are penalised. Rewards will be paid out in BNB (when the app is out)

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