🛏️DreamN Overview

Sleep-to-Earn Application in BNB Chain

Sleep-to-Earn Application

DreamN application is the tool you need during these trying times to help get the best out of your rest and encouraging a healthy nights sleep. Our application is aiming to reward users who get a decent amount of rest and promote a healthy sleep schedule by giving them rewards, which is done by combining Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. We are a team that sees an opportunity to create an application that will allow users to earn passive income while they are sleeping.

Sometimes people nowadays are too busy with their activities, looking at crypto charts for instance, causing them to ignore the importance of a good nights rest. According to the statistics, the generation most invested in cryptocurrency is Generation X, followed by baby boomers then millennials. Predictions suggest that Generation Z will be involved in more crypto matters in the future.

DreamN is here to bring awareness to sleeping quality. With DreamN, people don't need to understand Crypto to get started, getting enough sleep is the only thing they required to earn.

Our objective is to build a powerful app platform and ecosystem that will attract millions of new people into the world of cryptocurrency through the development of various applications. It should be simple for people to experience the power of crypto and make a simple positive change in their lives or sleeping habits.

DreamN Token: $DreamN Contract: (Coming soon)

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