1. What is DreamN?

DreamN application is the tool that you need during these trying times to help get the best out of your rest and encouraging a healthy nights sleep.

Our application is aiming to reward users who get a decent amount of rest and promote a healthy sleep schedule by giving them rewards, which is done by combining Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. We are a team that sees an opportunity to create an application that will allow users to earn passive income while they are sleeping.

2. What is the meaning of Sleep-to-Earn concept?

Sleep-to-Earn allows users to gain rewards in the form of $DreamN token from organizing their sleep schedule, hence encouraging people to get healthy by getting enough sleep. Their sleeping data will be recorded from motion and activity trackers which are incorporated into the program/app that users can easily access on their smartphones.

3. How do I earn profit in DreamN?

Users need to hold at least 400 $DreamN tokens to participate in DreamN's earning modes of Sleep-to-Earn.

4. How do I join DreamN?

Please follow these steps to join DreamN:

(1) Buy $DreamN on PancakeSwap or you can swap your BNB to $DreamN on PancakeSwap (you need to have at least 400 $DreamN to be eligible for earning the rewards). Note: You have to use $DreamN official contract to avoid scammers.

(2) Download and Install DreamN application from our link and install the apk file.

(3) Open the app and fill in your BSC wallet address into the DreamN app.

5. What are the features of DreamN Application?

DreamN has 4 application features such as Single Mode, Challenges, Season and Anti-Cheating. For more details, please read DreamN Application section.

6. What is the meaning of Personal Well-being?

DreamN Personal Well-being System:

  • The DreamN application will assist you in developing a healthy lifestyle by providing online tools to help you get enough, which is between 6-8 hours a day.

  • Real-time consultation with professionals to consult about sleeping problem.

  • Supports direct connection with smart accessories such as smart watches, as well as connections to other health and fitness applications.

7. How many DreamN Token supply?

The total supply is 20,000,000 tokens.

8. Is there any transaction fee?

DreamN has a 5% transaction fee on buys and 15% on sells.

9. How are the terms and conditions about PinkSale Presale?

PancakeSwap Listing - After initial presale funding has completed we will go to market by creating the $DreamN/BNB liquidity pair.

Presale funds will be used to create the PancakeSwap $DreamN/BNB liquidity pair. This liquidity will be locked.

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